It works incredibly good! I totally forget about fill my tank with that heavy 20-Litre water bottle every 2-3 days! Now I can go on vacation knowing that my tank will not run out of water! Love it 😍

Double Application Aquarium Alarm for Auto refill and one-key drain water


Aquarium Alarm Auto Top Up Kit | Fish Tank Auto Refill Pump

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Our product uses an ultra-wide prism, and point C will always be kept clean. When the point below B is covered with impurities for a long time, the monitoring fails and overflows, but C is not affected, and an alarm will sound.

When the water level line is near A (the first monitoring probe), the product will automatically refill water; When the water level reaches B (the second monitoring probe), the automatic refill will be suspended.

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Product Description


  • DC: 12V 5W
  • H.max: 2M | 6.5FT
  • Q.max: 74 GPH
  • Line length: 177.8cm | 70in
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 20.2 x 13.3 x 9 cm | 7.95 x 5.24 x 3.54 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.56 kg | 1.23 pounds

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Original price was: £159.Current price is: £129.

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New security technology, two optical sensors monitor the water levels, double protection, can attract your attention quickly. When it occurs below situations, it will make a loud beeping noise to warn you: ① The water pump that placed in the bucket is out of water. ②Water pump’s electric wire loose. ③External sensor is out of water. ④Fish tank water level is higher than the auto top off monitor pump.



The red light is constant brightness, which means it is working normally, off is not ok. If other lights flash, it indicates that there is an issue with the device, which needs to be checked and corrected with reference to the manual. YELLOW LIGHT: water pump drain water; BLUE LIGHT: water pump refill water; GREEN LIGHT: external optical sensor; RED LIGHT: power adapter.


Easy to install and use, no complicated programs. Connect water pump, external sensor and power supply to monitor and it’s ready to run. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater tanks (up to 227 Litre). Can be installed in a cabinet filter or directly on the aquarium edge. Because of monitoring, no longer have to worry about the lack of water in the spare water tank placed in a hidden location.



Auto refill and one-key drain water. Put the water pump in the fish tank, and plug the water pump cord into the upper (Yellow light hole) to drain water. On the contrary, put the water pump into the reserve water tank and plug in Blue light hole for auto refill water, and plug in external optical sensor to avoid water shortage in the reserve water. “M” button, PAUSE/CHANGE WORKING MODE.
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7 reviews for Aquarium Alarm Auto Top Up Kit | Fish Tank Auto Refill Pump

  1. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    It works incredibly good! I totally forget about fill my tank with that heavy 20L water bottle every 2-3 days! Now I can go on vacation knowing that my tank will not run out of water! Love it

  2. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    This is well designed Auto top off. It is quite easy to install. The pump is small enough to give you quite a few options for fitting into smaller water containers. This unit does a great job alerting you if you have to much water in tank as well as plenty of pressure to pump water to fill up your tank to the level you want to keep it at. Currently I am using it on my 40L salt water tank to keep my water topped off. It is doing a great job.

  3. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    The system is easy to install and tops off the tank consistently. The pump operates quietly – it is audible but unobtrusive in a quiet room, one almost has to listen for it.

  4. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Super quiet and works like a champ. Very easy setup.

  5. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    I am amazed at the amount of evaporation that occurs in my tank. This works great and is simple to setup and adjust.

  6. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    Works as describe and I like it. It keep water level of the aquarium sump perfectly at level and no problem so far.

  7. 5ed9386e3820a21d9497eeaf8a733c54?s=80&d=mm&r=g


    This auto top off is nice has optical sensors with 3 levels. Also has a pump out feature with an extra port for another pump great add on. Maybe a future use for auto water changes. I really like that it has a low reservoir sensor as well with a audible alarm.

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